Measuring and evaluating legacy marketing activities can be challenging.

A lack of consistency, both within individual charities and as a wider sector, makes it difficult to evidence a causal link between what is spent on legacy marketing, and the legacy income received as a result.

The situation is made more difficult by the long gap between the initial legacy communications and the eventual ‘payback’ which may come years later.

But despite this complexity, fundraising teams need to demonstrate the value of their activities, both to secure additional investment and to evaluate the ‘return’ on the resources they invest.

The Legacy Marketing Benchmarks project can help you to:

  • Quantify levels of legacy marketing spend in relation to total fundraising spend and legacy income
  • Assess your overall legacy marketing activity – including marketing spend, areas of focus, resourcing and effectiveness –  against the sector and peer charities
  • Evaluate the different types of legacy marketing activities undertaken in three broad areas: Awareness-Raising, Acquisition and Stewardship
  • Build greater understanding of your legator database, including the different types of legator and the types of gift received
  • Develop legacy marketing strategies and budgets

“In today’s highly-scrutinised fundraising environment legacy leaders have a responsibility to understand the effectiveness of their marketing activities”

Ashley Rowthorn
Legacy Link/Legacy Voice

What we need from you

Every consortium member is asked to supply up to five years of data on a range of key performance indicators such as:

  • Legacy marketing budgets and overall fundraising budgets
  • Numbers of legacy staff and total fundraising staff
  • Marketing activities, spend and response rates
  • Numbers of pledgers and prospects gained
  • Pledger and prospect ‘conversion rates’ on death
  • Legator profiles by their relationship with your charity

We aim to strike a balance between collecting enough information to provide insightful results, yet keeping it as simple and easy to supply the data as possible.  We supply Excel templates collect the data, along with clear instructions and definitions to ensure consistency. One-on-one support is also available as required.

All data is anonymised and aggregated to ensure confidentiality. Case by case data is not required, and no individual charity results are shared with the consortium.

What you get

All project members receive a Powerpoint presentation of the findings, together with a set of Excel tables showing how you benchmark for each area compared to the rest of the group. Individual charity presentations are also available at an extra cost.

Timings and costs

Legacy Marketing Benchmark is a biennial project, open to all members of the Legacy Monitor programme. 38 leading charities have signed up for latest Legacy Marketing Benchmark project, reporting to members in February 2018.

Please refer to the project prospectus, which can be found in the resources section.

Want to know more?

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