Have you reached a pivotal point with your in-memory fundraising?

Are you facing pressure from all sides to develop this area?  Perhaps you’re wondering which elements of your activity you should tackle first? Or has your income growth recently slowed, and you’re looking for reasons why? Does it feel like make or break time?

An In-Memory Health Check will show you how your programme stacks up against other charities and where resources are focused. It will shine a light on any areas where aren’t yet reaching your full potential.

Ultimately, a Health Check will kick-start your planning by indicating the main strategic actions you should take next. It could be the all-important first step in getting the most from every aspect of your in-memory fundraising.

“With our In-Memory Health Check, we are benefitting from Legacy Foresight’s wealth of experience. We have been able to access an expert team, and the most comprehensive research on trends and best practice available”.

Maria Dyson
Supporter Stewardship Manager

How it works

To give a meaningful assessment of your charity’s in-memory ‘health’, we’ll use data and insight from a number of separate sources:

  • We’ll start with some desk research digging, finding out what we can about your on and offline in memory offers
  • We’ll ask you to complete our specially devised online questionnaire, covering all aspects of your programme
  • We’ll carry out an internal audit, interviewing stakeholders from any relevant teams about in-memory fundraising at your charity. In our experience, this stage can add invaluable depth and insight to our assessment of any cultural opportunities and barriers for in-memory
  • And we’ll produce some competitor benchmarking analysis, using anonymised, ranged data from our In-Memory Learning Circle members to compare you to other charities from your own particular sector. This will look at measures such as in-memory income, expenditure, ROI and resources.

What you get

  • When the process is complete, you’ll receive a concise report that includes:
  • The key drivers and features of the in-memory market
  • A short summary of insights specifically relevant to your charity and your own sub-sector
  • An explanation of what we see as the critical success factors for a successful in-memory programme
  • An assessment of your rating against these factors
  • An over-arching SWOT analysis of your in-memory fundraising operation
  • Recommendations for your next steps, with suggested prioritisation and rationale
  • A face-to-face presentation of the report at your offices, to your chosen team

Want to know more?

For more information, contact Kate Jenkinson, Head of In-Memory Consultancy

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