At this time of intense uncertainty, we have laid down four principles to guide our direction over the coming months. We wanted to share these with you.

It’s business as usual at Legacy Foresight

Legacy Foresight has always been a virtual organisation. We are well versed in online teamworking. Many of our reports are already available through our client portal or website; others can be delivered by email or remote presentation. None of this will be affected by COVID-19.

At present, all our benchmarking, research, forecasting and consultancy projects are on track. If circumstances outside our control cause us to delay or to change our approach, we’ll let you know as soon as possible, in close consultation with our steering groups. But we won’t compromise on the quality of our outputs.

For now, face to face presentations and workshops are off limits. But we will find new ways to communicate our findings – be it through video conferencing or discussion forums – and we’ll learn to use those techniques as effectively as possible. That way, we can make lemonade out of the lemons.

As always, the best way to contact our team is by email – we check our mailboxes throughout the day, and will respond as soon as we can. If you are struggling to reach a particular person, or don’t know who to contact, please email Claire Truswell who will be happy to help.

We understand the pressures you are facing

Like you, we are coming to terms with life in lockdown Britain. Home-schooling our stir-crazy children… negotiating desk space with our WFH partners … supporting our elderly relatives many miles away.

Some of us are battling the crisis in our volunteer roles as school governors, charity trustees or food bank coordinators. All of us are seeking to do our bit in our communities, both real and virtual.

We want to retain a sense of perspective and humour. Yes, the situation is unprecedented. But panic and false news can only make things worse.

We will aim to respond to you quickly, flexibly and calmly; and we know that you will reciprocate in the same manner.

We will seek to innovate

In these bewildering days, it’s important to look for the silver linings. The enforced lockdown should give us more time to reflect and plan. We’ll invest that time in improving and developing our services.

At a time when the global tectonic plates – cultural, economic, geopolitical, environmental – are shifting, the need for fresh ideas and innovative solutions is greater than ever. Once the immediate crisis is over, we’ll work with you to develop new projects to meet the challenges – and the opportunities – of tomorrow’s legacy and in-memory environment.

We will strive to help the sector, by applying the things we do best

We know that people look to us for objective information and insight on legacy and in-memory giving, and we value that trust. We‘ll aim to supply timely, clear-headed research and analysis, to help frame decision-making at this crucial time. We will give this intelligence freely, in the belief that a stronger not for profit sector makes for a stronger society.