We’re delighted to launch our new Legacy Inspire project, in conjunction with Legacy Voice.

The Legacy Inspire project reveals how well charities performed when responding to an initial enquiry for more information on leaving a gift in a Will, discovered by mystery shopping the top 50 legacy charities. It focuses on the legacy brochure; looking at the quality of communications received to assess the initial supporter experience that many potential legacy donors are receiving and how different charities compare to each other.

Our recent research revealed that, on average, only 40% of pledgers and 5% of prospects go on to leave a bequest. Given the surge in Will writing being widely reported, it is important that charities improve the overall supporter experience for legacy enquirers, starting with an engaging legacy enquirer pack.

Legacy Inspire aims to shine a spotlight on examples of great legacy communications and to give charities the evidence and insight to improve their initial communication with legacy donors.

The Legacy Inspire Summary Report includes the key elements for success, lots of practical advice and ten top tips for creating a great legacy brochure. Download your copy here.

Dr Claire Routley shares five insights from Legacy Inspire to improve your legacy communications in her new blog.

About Legacy Inspire

Legacy Inspire is a new module on the Legacy Journey platform.

By subscribing to the Full access package, you will be able to search and view all the scoring and creative for the top 50 legacy charities enquirer packs.

Enabling you to:

  • Get inspiration for your legacy communications
  • Easily search for high scoring legacy communications, or sort by a particular cause area
  • Learn how to ensure your communications capture the attention of your audience
  • Avoid common mistakes that mean your legacy communications fall at the first hurdle
  • Ensure your communications are relevant to your supporters
  • Make sure your communications stand out from the competition

To find our more, or to book a demo of the platform, please get in touch.