We are entering into the biggest generational transfer of wealth in history.

Even despite the cost-of-living crisis and the uncertain economy at present, legacy income is still expected to grow significantly over the next 30 years, doubling in real terms by 2050.

If your charity is new to legacies or near the start of your legacy journey, now is a great time to assess your legacy potential and the steps you can take to grow your share of the booming legacy market.

How it works

Working closely with your team, we will create three legacy income scenarios for the next 10 years (low, medium and high), based on our extensive market data and insight along with any relevant data specific to your charity. We will advise on which of these scenarios we expect you to achieve and ways you may be able to optimise and better manage your legacy income.

    “We found the report provided – and meeting to discuss it – exceptionally helpful. As a charity relatively new on our legacy journey we don’t normally have access to this amount of data.”

    Martin Bishop, Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Comms, Dementia UK

    What we need from you

    Legacy Data: Any legacy data you may have going back as far as possible

    Other: Any other data specific to your charity that may drive legacy growth (e.g. supporter base size, historic marketing etc.)

    What you get

    A PowerPoint report delivered by video call covering:

    • Legacy market drivers, their historic performance and future outlook
    • Analysis of your past legacy performance (where relevant) and your future legacy potential
    • Low, medium and high legacy growth scenarios
    • Opportunities to optimise your legacy income (e.g. internal engagement, stewardship, Investment and administration best practice)
    • Recommendations on managing your legacy income (e.g. planning and data tracking)
    • Time for further discussion as required

    What it costs

    This work costs £3,000+VAT and typically takes 3-4 weeks from receipt of any data.

    Want to know more?

    For more information, please contact Caroline Waters