Our Marketing Evaluation service provides a quantitative assessment of the impact on legacy income of additional investment in legacy marketing.  To do this, we need to look at over a 40-year period as this is the time it takes to see most of the return on legacy investment.

This work can help you prove the case for legacy investment through answering such questions as:

  • How much legacy income can you expect over the next 40 years if you carry on as you are now in terms of legacy marketing?
  • How much additional income might you see over this time period if you increase your investment in legacy marketing?
  • What is the ROI of the additional legacy marketing?
  • How quickly that investment will pay back?
  • How does this vary by channel of investment?
  • What are the key levers you can pull to improve the return on investment?
  • What KPIs should you be tracking to monitor your return?

“Legacy Foresight’s bespoke long-term forecast provided us with invaluable insight and clear direction. We will use this service again and recommend it wholeheartedly to other charities.”

Vicky Furnival
Legacy Marketing Manager
Woodland Trust

How it works

First, we create a ‘base-case’ long-term forecast over 40 years.  This forecast assumes that your charity carries on as it has been doing, with no significant changes over this period.  In essence, this is a similar approach to our medium-term forecasts, but extended over a longer timeframe and incorporating a wide range of economic, social, demographic and legal factors that will impact legacy income over this time period.  We then use various assumptions to model how much additional income you are likely to receive as the result of additional legacy marketing and when you are likely to receive it.  This allows you to understand both the ROI of additional marketing and when and to what degree it will impact your income, over and above the base case.

What we need from you

For the base case, we require your income and bequests history as far back as possible.

For the marketing evaluation, we need: details of your past and future marketing investment, response rates to historic marketing campaigns, conversion rates and average values of your pledgers and prospects and information on the age and gender of your legators.

Not all charities are able to supply all of the data for the marketing evaluation (if, for example you have done very little marketing in the past), in which case we can use industry averages to supplement the analysis.

What you get

Our findings are discussed with your team at an in-depth presentation. Any discussion points are incorporated into the final PowerPoint report, supplied along with underlying data in Excel.

What it costs

These projects are costed on a case by case basis, depending on complexity, typically around £6,000 to £11,000 +VAT.

Want to know more?

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