Our Strategic Forecasting service provides a long-term perspective on your legacy potential, by assessing the impact of your fundraising strategy, past performance and market positioning on future legacy income.

This work can help address important strategic questions, such as:

  • How much legacy income can you expect over the next 10 to 20 years; sometimes even out to 40 years
  • What the likely upsides and downsides may be
  • What the potential return on your marketing investment looks like
  • How quickly that investment will pay back
  • How you are performing compared to your peers

“Legacy Foresight’s bespoke long-term forecast provided us with invaluable insight and clear direction. We will use this service again and recommend it wholeheartedly to other charities.”

Vicky Furnival
Legacy Marketing Manager
Woodland Trust

How it works

Long-term market forecasts, incorporating a wide range of economic, social, demographic and legal factors are overlaid with your organisation's own positioning, performance and strategy to create a spectrum of future scenarios.

What we need from you

As with a medium-term forecast, we require your income and bequests history as far back as possible, along with information on the age, gender and wealth of your legators. We also need to understand the number and profile of your supporters and pledgers over time, and a detailed briefing on your past and planned fundraising approach.

If you are planning additional legacy marketing, we ideally need information about your past marketing performance in terms of response rates, conversions and average values.  However, where this data isn’t available (if, for example you have done very little marketing in the past), we can use industry averages to supplement the analysis.

What you get

Our findings are discussed with your team at an in-depth presentation. Any discussion points are incorporated into the final PowerPoint report, supplied along with underlying data in Excel.

What it costs

These projects are costed on a case by case basis, depending on complexity, typically around £6,000 to £10,000 +VAT.

Want to know more?

For more information, please contact Caroline Waters

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