We collect hard evidence to inform in-memory fundraising strategies and convince senior management of the value of in-memory giving.

We work closely with a learning circle of leading charities – over seventy of them in the past seven years – who agree to pool their budgets, experiences and data.

In-Memory Insight can help you to :

  • Enhance your in-memory fundraising strategy and communications
  • Stay up to date with the with the latest trends in in-memory giving and fundraising
  • Assess your performance against the market and your closest peers
  • Present evidence to prove the value of  in-memory to your charity
  • Network with fellow fundraisers, discussing experiences and sharing best practice

“Very worth while. The In-Memory Insight programme is engaging, insightful and always delivers the needed broader perspective for this field. Highly recommend.”
Ellie Beach, In Memory Officer
Cats Protection

How it works

In-Memory Insight is a rolling research programme, with each year building on the one before. Since 2011 we have explored a series of themes including: fundraising in memory through events (2014/15), charities’ use of in-memory products (2015/16), the use of social and digital media in memory (2016/17), and the role of Funeral Directors in in-memory donations (2017/18), understanding in-memory stewardship (2019/20) and Adapting to the in-memory landscape after the pandemic (2020/21). For 2021/22 we are exploring the impact of digital technologies on in-memory giving, and carrying out the latest biennial in-memory performance benchmarking.

We use a wide range of research methods as appropriate, including:

  • Desk research - to uncover important underlying issues to explore in our own research, and to identify existing sources and experts to draw upon
  • Focus groups and depth interviews – to understand in-memory donors’
  • motivations, experiences and expectations of giving and fundraising in-memory
  • Consumer surveys – to track the incidence and value of in-memory giving by method: funeral gifts, regular donations, events, Tribute Funds etc
  • Best practice – to establish the current status of in-memory marketing in
  • Britain, and to find the most innovative and effective strategies
  • Benchmarking – to measure the funds raised from in-memory donors by the charities in our consortium, and the resources invested in in-memory marketing
  • Group discussion – bringing charities and industry experts together to share issues and ideas

All learning circle members receive

  • A report on the benchmarking results (biennial) (PDF)
  • Presentations and workshop notes (PDF)
  • A summary report aimed at senior managers and trustees
  • A set of Powerpoint slides for sharing with colleagues


In-Memory Insight is funded by a consortium of charities who commit to the programme on an annual basis.

The cost per organisation for a 12 month cycle will be based on your charity’s average voluntary income (i.e. income from donations and legacies) in the 3 financial years 2017/18 – 2019/20, based on published accounts data stored on the Charity Commission Register of Charities:

  • Over £10m: £2,400+VAT
  • Under £10m: £1,600+VAT

To access the research archive, you pay a one-off premium equivalent to one year’s project subscription.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with Caroline Waters.

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