Give your legacy enquirers the best possible supporter experience with Legacy Inspire.

In early 2020, Legacy Foresight partnered with Legacy Voice to mystery shop the top 50 legacy charities, to see how well they performed when responding to an initial enquiry for more information on leaving a gift in a Will. We evaluated not only the quality of communications received, but the timing and accuracy. We wanted to get a sense of the initial supporter experience that many potential legacy donors are receiving, and how different charities compare to each other.

Legacy Voice’s Head of Consultancy Dr Claire Routley has devised a unique, research-based methodology where each charity’s response pack is scored based on what we know about great legacy communications.

Each pack is uploaded to our secure Legacy Journey platform, where they can be viewed individually in detail or compared with peer charities, whether by cause, size or scores.

Legacy Inspire aims to shine a spotlight on examples of really great legacy communications and to give charities the evidence and insights to improve their initial communication with legacy donors. We hope that Legacy Inspire will create a positive and constructive conversation about what makes an effective piece of legacy communication and give fundraisers the tools to engage and inspire more of their supporters to act.

“It’s a great opportunity – and sometimes the only opportunity – to inspire people with the potential of legacy giving.”
Dr Claire Routley
Legacy Voice

How it works

Our scoring methodology

Legacy Inspire uses a bespoke scoring system based on the 5 ‘I’s’ of effective communications:

  • Implementation: getting the basics right
  • Impact: Quality and originality of design and visual imagery
  • Inspiration: Reflecting legacy motives and encouraging donors to make a gift
  • Integrity: Demonstrating that the organisation is a trustworthy recipient of legacy gifts
  • Information: Providing clear and relevant information about how to leave a gift.

See the full creative and scoring on our secure Legacy Journey platform


Legacy Inspire is a new module on the Legacy Journey platform developed and hosted by Legacy Foresight.

By subscribing to the Full access package, you will be able to search and view all the scoring and creative for the top 50 legacy charities enquirer packs.

The platform has a dashboard which shows the top 10 scores, and allows you to filter by each of the five scoring categories and cause area to easily find what you are looking for.

By clicking on each charity, you will be able to view the legacy brochure, the full scoring and detailed commentary to help you understand the main strengths and weaknesses of each pack.

Having all this information at your fingertips will help you develop truly inspiring legacy creative and improve your overall supporter experience for your legacy enquirers.

Improve your communications with Legacy Inspire

  • Get inspiration for your own legacy communications
  • Easily search for high scoring legacy communications, or sort by a particular cause area
  • Learn how to ensure your communications capture the attention of your audience
  • How to avoid common mistakes that mean your legacy communications fall at the first hurdle
  • Ensure your communications are relevant to your supporters
  • Make sure your communications stand out from the competition

Get full access to Legacy Inspire

Month pass: £500+vat

  • Secure access to Legacy Inspire platform
  • View all the legacy brochures for the top 50 legacy charities

Individual charity report: 1500+vat

  • A review of your individual charity’s legacy communications
  • Recommendations for how to improve
  • A copy of the detailed Legacy Inspire Report

Full Access: £3,000+vat

  • Secure access to Legacy Inspire platform
  • View all the legacy brochures for the top 50 legacy charities
  • Access to detailed scoring and commentary for each brochure
  • Sort by scoring or charity type to easily find legacy creative
  • A copy of the detailed Legacy Inspire Report
  • 12 month subscription allows access to updated communications

Want to know more?

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with Richard Hill, Programme Management.